Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SG Traffic Situation

Hi, I hope you have enjoyed using SG Traffic Situation thus far.

Do leave any comments or suggestions for improvements here as well =)

Privacy Policy - Internet permission is only needed for the retrieval of traffic news from LTA. I don't collect information that can identify you. Google Play would let me know by default some statistics like the type of android OS, device model, etc that installed this app for statistical compilation.


  1. Hi, I love this app

    used it on every trip

    the filter function is most useful

    so are you going to develop an IOS version?

    1. Hi, glad that you liked it =) An iOS version is not on the horizon right now as I haven't gotten the time to learn iOS programming and there is an annual cost to be an iOS developer who can develop on real iOS devices. Need to find the time before plunking down the money to get started!