Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Becoming a dad!

Baby girl came on 26 Nov 2014 :) and life has never been the same. 

All the stories of the lack of sleep sounded very daunting but it's still not too bad in reality (thus far). I've been advised that newborns sleep a lot more in the early days and it may yet come a time when I have to be activated on turn out every 2 hours... 

Thomson was a good place for the delivery, however, I wished I've known these beforehand, 

- We stayed in for 3 nights due to cesarean ops. Thomson only uses chemical sterilisation, we brought our own steam steriliser when we started to pump on day 2 to help the milk supply. Can no need to bring so many things on the first day too, but make trips back home to get stuff. (I always went back to shower!)

- You can request for the baby to be brought to you for night feeds or even to stay with you in the room. But not advisable for the first 2 days for wifey to recover. Not every nurse will ask if you prefer to have the baby brought to you for night feeds. 

- Not every lactation consultant is equal. The one we had did help us but was too brief. Must attend the breast feeding classes which in my opinion was more detailed and explained a lot more things to us. 

- If possible, try to vary the milk formula used for top up at the nursery to see if there is any that your baby don't like. Can try to get the bottles that are pre mixed for initial home use. 

Other things that we found out so far,

- Never have I been so eager to see someone poo. Also, have to study the poo and hope that it is healthy. 

- milk powder got heaty ones, buy smaller portions to try out if it works for your baby. Nan 1 seems too heat although it seems alright in the beginning. We are switching and hope the next brand is more suitable.

- Huggies NB diapers is too small for night use. Goon works for us. (Your mileage may defer, she's at 2.8kg)

- use Bottom Butter instead of Droplene or Desitin if the latters are deemed to be too "strong". Just use Bottom Butter to create a water proof layer to hopefully avoid nappy rash. 

- Pigeon wet wipes too dry for my liking. Confinement nanny introduced using square facial cotton add water. 

- Have between 4 - 6 milk bottles to last through the night and wash everything together in the morning. (Hmm, maybe I should get more...) 160ml bottle are a good size for NB. 

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